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Woodruff Keys
Woodruff Keys are semi-circular shaped, such that, when installed, leave a protruding tab.They are used to improve the concentricity of the shaft and the mating part, which is critical for high speed operation. These keys are used to improve the concentricity of the shaft for high speed operation.
Parallel Keys
Parallel Keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters or when the wall thickness of the mating hub is an issue.These are also used to lock the mating parts into place. These keys are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to install.
Taper Keys
Taper Keys are uniform in width but tapered in height. The bottom surface is straight and the top surface is tapered. These keys are often used with Gib head for easier removal of key during disassembly. When it's firmly driven, it acts to prevent relative axial motion.
Gib Head Keys
Gib Head Keys are commonly used in engines and motors, gear reducers, transmissions and motor shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly to the rotating shaft.These keys that are used on power transmission keyed shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly on the shaft. 
Parallel Key Tool
Round in appearance, offered Parallel Key Tools have been developed by using latest technology. These are offered in different dimensions to suit exact application requirements of customers. Long lasting surface finish, high strength, ease of handling and reasonable price are their other features.
MS Nuts And Bolts
This array of MS Nuts And Bolts has been developed as per global norms. Threading design of these accessories conform to international standard. Offered in different sizes, these metal fasteners have long working life.
Bearing Steel Parallel Pins
Compact in appearance, offered Bearing Steel Parallel Pins have been produced by our team of seasoned personnel. These steel accessories have excellent rust and wear resistance attributes. Long lasting surface finish, ease of fixing and reasonable price are their main aspects.

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