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Woodruff Keys
Woodruff Keys are semi-circular shaped, such that, when installed, leave a protruding tab.They are used to improve the concentricity of the shaft and the mating part, which is critical for high speed operation. These keys are used to improve the concentricity of the shaft for high speed operation.
Parallel Keys
Parallel Keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters or when the wall thickness of the mating hub is an issue.These are also used to lock the mating parts into place. These keys are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to install.
Taper Keys
Taper Keys are uniform in width but tapered in height. The bottom surface is straight and the top surface is tapered. These keys are often used with Gib head for easier removal of key during disassembly. When it's firmly driven, it acts to prevent relative axial motion.
Gib Head Keys
Gib Head Keys are commonly used in engines and motors, gear reducers, transmissions and motor shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly to the rotating shaft.These keys that are used on power transmission keyed shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly on the shaft. 
Parallel Key Tool
Round in appearance, offered Parallel Key Tools have been developed by using latest technology. These are offered in different dimensions to suit exact application requirements of customers. Long lasting surface finish, high strength, ease of handling and reasonable price are their other features.
Industrial Fasteners And Fitting

Industrial Fasteners and Fitting offered by our company, is manufactured by making use of premium grade of raw materials and upgraded machines. This equipment is widely used in industrial and residential plumbing applications. This product is very effective as well as economical to use.

Mbd Cylindrical Pins

Mbd Cylindrical Pins provided are widely used in numerous engineering industries. These pins have wide range of use, simple structure, strong and durable. They are known for its sturdy construction, smooth finish, compact design, and excellent durability. These pins are very much in demand, in the market.

Allen Bolts
The allen bolts made from stainless steel are offered in several standards and dimensions. This type of bolt can be identified by its hexagonal socket in the head. It can be only used with an Allen wrench.
Shaft Key
The mechanical shaft key is an essential component that is installed in automotive power-transmission systems that works to transfer torque. It connects the shaft and rotating machine element.
Customized Machine Key
Our company supplies customized machine keys in desired shape, size and material. This is a key needed for transmission of torque from a rotating shaft to a gear.
Socket Head Cap Screws
A socket head cap screw is a machine screw that is installed in a machine. The customers can order this fastener in specifications, like basic screw diameter, body diameter, head diameter, head height, hex socket size, etc.
T Nut & T Slot Nut
T nut & T slot nut is a part of machines, like drill press, router and bandsaw. This fastener is used for positioning and securing workpieces along with the threaded clamp.
Guide Pins
The brake piston assembly is attached to each brake caliper by two metal pins called guide pins. It is because of these pins that the brake pad meets the disc at the right angle.
Round Pin
Round Pin offered by us is made of high quality stainless steel. It has finely finished and is highly durable. Client can avail from us at reasonable price.

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